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"fresh, innovative funk by a brilliant, upcoming trombonist” - Michael Brecker

DKO is one of the most polished and exciting bands I have ever heard in this genre. Their enthusiasm is overwhelming and inspirational. Great charts and wonderful performances from everyone in the group!
-Randy Brecker
Your CD "In The Now" sounds very good indeed. Great playing and writing...interesting textures and sounds. Keep up the good work!
-Bob Mintzer
DKO has its own vibe!!! Excellent writing, soloing and ensemble playing. Congratulations Darren! It's great to hear a band with a fabulous horn section...but of course I'm partial!
-David Garibaldi
Darren's compositions are the perfect balance of emotion and intellect...they stir deep feelings as they simultaneously challenge your mind...both as a player and as a listener!
-Rick Margitza
There's no question that a lot of time has been put into this project. This is high-class "fusion" at its best with a lot of heart and true human energy...authentic grooves, great solos and ensemble work, and sound very good on that impossible instrument!"
-Dave Liebman
It's quite an operation you have going. Very ambitious! The tunes are clever, well-arranged and certainly well-played by everyone. I am more than impressed by it all!
-Bobby Shew
Darren, Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your CD. Very Impressive in every way. Great Charts, Band, Playing, etc. I love what you are doing with the electronics!! Keep up the GREAT INNOVATIVE Work!! Good Luck, with your WONDERFUL Direction!
I will follow your career!!!!
-Justin DiCioccio
Chairman of Jazz Dept
Manhattan School of Music
Darren, I am blown away by your “Quench!” CD but you've really topped yourself with “In The Now”! Wow, great writing, incredible performances and kudos to the production as it is 1st rate and very creative. There are so many highlights, I can't say enough about it. This is the next Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago, and Cold Blood rolled into one.
10 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Gary Lindsay
Director of Studio/Jazz Writing
Univ of Miami
Darren Kramer is a rare mix of great trombone playing, fine composing/arranging abilities, and wonderful leadership skills. It's no wonder that his DKO is so successful. Darren has a giant tone, great chops and a gift for the melodic line. Wrap all of that up into a down-home knowledge of funk and you have a potent talent indeed! I really enjoy hearing the trombone in such a prominent spotlight on his DKO projects. Bravo!
-Steve Wiest
Univ of Denver

Wedding Reviews Testimonials

DKO provided a wonderful and unique musical experience for my recent wedding. 
First, a brass quintet played ceremony music, and then that same band led a New Orleans style march to the ceremony site where DKO was an outstanding DJ. As a DJ he played all the songs we requested and supplemented them with his own keyboard and trombone playing + an additional musician on sax. The sequencing was great and he had a great personality for our party. I can't tell you how many people have told me the music was great from the ceremony to the march to the reception. We had a great time and DKO was a big part of it! Highly recommended.

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-Christian & Tasia Jones
10.10.15 Savoy @ Curtis Park
Denver, CO

OMG.. No words!
You took the wedding to a whole different level! 

I'm back to reality but pretty much my days are spent reflecting on my wedding day and how perfect it was. You all were absolutely amazing!!!!!! From the string quartet for ceremony music, to cocktail jazz, to swing dinner music, and funky dance music I was in awe! I knew you were going to be good, but I had no idea how good. I've been to a lot of weddings with a lot of bands... And even though I may be biased considering it was my wedding, I think you guys were by FAR the best band I've ever heard! Everyone was commenting... And your gal singer singing respect?! My only complaint was that it had to end!!! I could've dance to you guys for hours longer! 
THANK you for everything!

-Brooke Losier 
10.5.13 Donovan Pavilion
Vail, CO

Hi Darren! This is Natalie (Kolegraff).  You and your band played at our wedding in Estes Park at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau on 09/18/09.  I just wanted to say.... WOW!  You were all absolutely AWESOME!.  We had such a wonderful time and DKO made it happen!  You were the best band I have ever seen and heard and would recommend you to anyone and everyone.  If we ever have another event in Colorado we know who we are calling!  ... Thank you for being so considerate and patient with everything and we can't thank you enough for such a great job!.  I knew I was going to love you when I listened to your music on your website but there is absolutely no way to beat DKO live!  You blew us and our guests away!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Also, one more question..... Was the hotel room OK?  I hope you had no problems checking in and out... I tried to give the girl at the desk as much information as I could.  :) Thank you again!
-Natalie (Kolegraff) Clair
Estes Park, CO
Hello Darren (and the rest of DKO),
We just wanted to thank you for a rocking, jazzy, wonderful evening at our wedding reception! You got our dancing friends up and moving and provided a festive atmosphere for those chatting and enjoying the beautiful night on the patio.  Many compliments for your stylings from our friends and family throughout the night and after! Thanks for being such a memorable part of the evening! We'll look forward to following your shows in the Denver area.
Thanks again,

-Alexis & Phil
Boettcher Mansion, Denver, CO
Thanks so much Darren! We had an amazing night! Everyond told me how much they loved the band.
-Tazia Livaditis & Bob Strausser
9.8.12 Four Seasons Hotel
Denver, CO
DKO was amazing - everyone raved - thank you!
-Jenn & Jeff
Tivoli, Denver, CO
All of you guys were absolutely FABULOUS!!! Truly, you all are world-class talent and we had just about everybody comment on how much they enjoyed and appreciated your music.
Thank you also for humoring me and letting me sing along. You truly made our day special.

-Shana & Jim
Shadows Ranch, Georgetown, CO
Darren please tell the band that Lyn and I loved having DKO play our wedding reception. Comments like, "Wow, these guys are goooooood!" was very common. My brother remarked, "In the first five minutes I was completely confident that everything they were going to play would be clean, tight, and appropriate." Also, it was music we could dance to or (in my case) move awkwardly to. Many thanks for making it all happen. Furthermore, the CDs are really something. And Lyn and I thought, "Hey, these would make great thank you gifts!
-Drew Biel
The wedding was a blast and our reception was SOOO MUCH FUN thanks to your band. You guys were terrific and we have received soo many compliments regarding you guys and your
music. I wish we could re-live the whole night over, it went entirely way too fast and I had entirely way too much fun. I will never ever forget the evening and it was so special because of what you added to the party. Music can make or break an occasion and that my friend, made it!

-Leah Gutsch
Boulderado Hotel, Boulder, CO
Thank you so very much for performing at our wedding on Sept 30. (Historic Brown Palace Hotel) Brett and I were so pleased with your band. Thank you for not making us worry about anything. We received a lot of compliments for choosing DKO! Everyone was so professional and the music was perfect. Everyone loved you guys and thought you were an incredibly unique group! Although you did play many of the “party favorites”, your jazz influence and amazing sound just blew everyone away!
-Sarah & Brett
Brown Palace, Denver, CO
Thank you so much to you and your band for the amazing musical performances throughout our wedding day. The pianist and the trumpet player were great at the church! The jazz quartette was perfect for the cocktail hour and the band rocked during the reception!! We needed a bigger dance floor..the guests did not want to sit down:) Thanks again:) We would definitely recommend you to any of our friends in the Colorado area.
-Jenny & Joe Forward
Steamboat Springs, CO
What can we say to thank you? The music at our wedding was unbelievable!!! Thank you so much to you and your talented musicians for making our wedding so much fun! We had such a good time as did all of our guests. We wish you and DKO much continued success!
-Amanda Gordon
Keystone, CO
Just wanted to thank you for such an incredible night. We had the best time rocking out to the tunes. Our first dance was so romantic, the dance with my Dad was just the perfect one, the tunes after were even better. Looks as though everyone else thouroughly enjoyed the music too. It could not have been any better... Thank you. Until we need a band again, I will pass on your name to everyone :)
-Rebecca McCord
Lyons Crest, Lyons, CO
I worked in the music industry for a few years and have been to about 20 weddings in the past three years in the area and I think DKO is the best wedding band I have seen as of yet. (vocals and horns especially) DKO is great. Everybody was really impressed. Well worth the money. Darren is also very responsive to special requests. I wrote a song that he and I secretly recorded before the wedding (as a gift to my wife) and ended up playing it with the band during the reception. Not many bands are open to this, and everything was well beyond what my expectations were. I also had him play jazz piano at the cocktail hour and his guitarist played acoustic guitar during the reception. No complaints at all. MY ADVICE: Go with DKO! …I personally like a lot of Stevie Wonder/James Brown/etc so make sure you get the full band with the horn section, because it really makes a difference.
-David Sonenstein
Boulder Country Club, Boulder, CO
I wanted to tell you that you ROCKED our wedding.  You made our wedding exactly what we wanted. It was truly awesome.  Our friends and family keep telling us how amazing the band was.  Thank you so much for making our wedding so perfect.
-Molly Levy
Ritz-Carlton, Beaver Creek, CO
I just wanted to say thanks for doing such an amazing job at our wedding. I can't tell you how many people have commented to me about how fun your band was. It truly made the wedding a memorable experience for everyone and I know a few of my girlfriends want to use you guys when they get married. Thanks again for everything! We hope to see you in Denver sometime soon.
-Allison Potts
Phipps Mansion, Denver, CO